Heavy Loads, We Got You Covered

Heavy Haul Trailer Types

As you will see through this list, there are a lot of trailer and axle configuration types. A thorough understanding of heavy haul and oversize shipping is essential in selecting the right trailer for the job. Generally speaking as freight grows in size and the more specialized trailer required the cost of shipping increases. Of course oversize loads have the additional cost of permits, escorts, police and more depending what is involved. You can click on some of the images below to see the equipment and commodity dimensions for that trailer type.


5 Axle Equipment



flatbed 5 axle

Flatbed Stretch

flatbed 5 axle stretch

Step Deck

stepdeck 5 axle

Step Deck Stretch

stepdeck 5 axle stretch

Double Drop

double drop 5 axle

Double Drop Stretch

double drop 5 axle stretch


6 Axle Equipment


Flatbed 6 Axle

flatbed 6 axle

Flatbed 6 Axle Stretch

flatbed 6 axle stretch

Stepdeck 6 Axle Stretch

stepdeck 6 axle stretch

Double Drop 6 Axle

double drop 6 axle

Double Drop 6 Axle Stretch

double drop 6 axle stretch


7 Axle Equipment


Stepdeck 7 Axle

stepdeck 7 axle

Stepdeck 7 Axle Stretch

stepdeck 7 axle stretch

Double Drop 7 Axle

double drop 7 axle

Double Drop 7 Axle Stretch

double drop 7 axle stretch


8 Axle Equipment


Double Drop 8 Axle

double drop 8 axle

Double Drop 8 Axle Stretch

double drop 8 axle stretch


9 Axle Equipment


Specialized 9 Axle

9 axle jeep booster