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Tandem Axle Permit Weight Limits

The following tandem axle permit weight limit map is provided as an informational guideline only.   The state’s laws need to be followed and these laws can change and may not be reflected here. We have provided the links to the official state’s websites and you can access them by clicking here.
The permit weight limits are the max weight allowed on tandem axles with a permit.  If you go over these limits you would need to increase to a tridem axle setup, but those have their limits as well.
tandem-axlesOn a typical  5 axle truck trailer combination (18 wheeler) there are two sets of tandem axles as pictured above.
States can vary on their weight allowances depending on several different factors:
  • Axle Spacing
  • Tire Size
  • Routes

map-tandem-axle-permit-limitsTandem Axle Permit Weight Limits

tandem axle permit map color map legend