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Oversize Load Permits

Oversize load permits are required by the states when you exceed that state's max legal dimensions. This article focuses only on a load being oversize, which is to say a load that exceeds the max length, width, or height dimension.  Overweight load permits is something else entirely. 


State regulations are subject to change. Always read your permits and provisions sheets carefully. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

Estimated Permit Costs

The below map of the US shows the estimated cost for permits for each state and includes an approximate $15 service fee for each state.  State Permit Fee + Service Fee = Permit Cost.

The Estimated Cost of Permits should be used only for loads that Do Not exceed these dimensions.

80' Long x 12' Wide x 14'6" High

state permit costs

Ordering Permits

  • Directly from the State - If you order the permits yourself directly from the state you can save on the cost of the service fees others can charge for providing that service for you.
  • Permit Service - These companies assist in ordering the permits necessary for a shipment. They are aware of the rules and regulations of states and complete the forms.  They do charge a service fee which can range in cost.
  • State Website - Many states have created online software that allows a carrier to enter their profile information and then order permits via the computer.


States set the dimension limits in a number of different ways. To take Length for example states can list length as:

  • ‚ÄčOverall Length - Bumper to bumper or bumper to end of load (if overhang)
  • Trailer Length - 53' or greater for example
  • Trailer + Load - Trailer length plus any overhang.
  • Overhang - A limit allowed to overhang the rear of the trailer.
  • Kingpin to Rear Axle - Another measurement states can use to access what is allowable.
load dimensions


Escorts requirements also vary considerably by state.  These costs can really increase the cost of a shipment, so make sure you include them.

  • Civilian Escorts - A private company that is contracted with the government (state) for the primary task of escorting oversize loads.
  • Police Escorts - Do to certain size and or route state police are required often in addition to civilian escorts.
  • Pilot Car - For overheight loads often a pilot car is needed that travels in front of the load to check for low structures that could hit the load.
escort vehicle

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