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Heavy Haul Truck Dispatcher Job

New Business Website

We have created a new business website called truckingagents.net specifically to provide information about our dispatching program.  Feel free to review this page, but you will find more information on our new site.  Thanks


Where Are We

While we are based in Joplin, MO, we have truck dispatchers throughout the country and they work from their homes. That’s right, we have what we call our virtual office.

  • One phone system ensures we can communicate with each other easily.
  • Instant Messaging allows us to quickly pass information to each other quickly.
  • And our own web-based software is updated in real-time so that everyone in the office knows what’s going on with each load, driver, or customer.

All these systems allow us to work individually from our homes, but collectively as a team.
home office

What do I need?

  • A computer with two monitors
  • A desk and chair
  • A printer

You likely already have most of this, so there is little you have to buy. But, most importantly, you must possess the passion and skills to dispatch heavy haul loads.

dispatcher commission

How am I paid?

We pay a high percentage for various truck dispatcher duties.

  • Quoting loads
  • Booking loads
  • Dispatching loads
  • Sales

Each of these jobs is an important part of the truck dispatcher duties. You may excel at one or all, but you get paid for each of those that you complete.

Sales Commission

If you land a new customer, you will be awarded that account and paid each and every time we move a load for that customer. This is the best avenue for gaining a long-term financial goal.

Quote Commission

Most business is spot quoted, meaning each load is given its own rate, and you are paid for your efforts. Quote too low and you risk not getting the load covered and then you won’t get paid. Quote too high and the customer doesn’t award you the business and you don’t get paid. If you know what you’re doing and you quote it just right, you get paid for the effort and paid well.

Booking Commission

You can choose to be proactive or reactive when booking a load. You can pick up the phone and try to sell your shipment to a truck (proactive) or you can wait for the truck to call you on the load you have available (reactive). It’s your call; but generally the more aggressive dispatcher is going to find the truck first.

Dispatching Commission

Dispatching a load requires organization and attention to detail. A dispatcher is assigned to a load once it is awarded to Heavy Haul Trucking. There are several ways to be awarded the dispatcher duties, based on the customer, fair rotation of duties, and abilities.. This is guaranteed income when you are awarded dispatching duties, so be smart, do it right, and get the load delivered timely and safely.

When am I paid?

We pay weekly, after we collect the funds on the shipment. You will receive up to four reports. Each report will show the load and commission earned for each of the four duties performed.

  • Quoting
  • Booking
  • Dispatching
  • Sales

Why Heavy Haul Trucking!

With Heavy Haul Trucking, we work as a team, so you will always have access to help.  Whether it’s a question on quoting, dispatching, sales or a technology issue, we have someone here to help.


There are many who think they can, but we are interested in those who know they can and have proven they can.  We will train you and assist you with learning the software, and even teach you about heavy haul, but you can’t start from scratch.  We need people that can talk heavy haul so that they can hit the floor running.  If that sounds like you and the above system works for you, then give us a call!

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